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Sorting, Link Accumulator

There are two things on my wish list for iSilo:

(1) The ability to sort channels by title in iSiloX (and perhaps also by other things such as size or date)

(2) An "enhanced copy mode" in iSilo that instead of jumping to the unresolved link detail, copies the unresolved link to a pre-defined file. Currently when I see a pointer that interests me, I jump to the unresolved link page, highlight and copy the link to my clipboard, switch to another program (Natara DayNotez) and paste. Later on my desktop I can open Natara and my clicking, have my browser jump to those interesting links. And if they merit reading on my Tungsten T, I can hit the iSiloX Clipper. I'd like to make the first part of this routine a lot easier.

Chime in if you agree with either of these!
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