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Health and the Kindle

I originally posted this over at KindleBoards and am repeating it here because I think the issue is worth thinking about:
I wanted to open this thread because I believe that this is an important subject.
In order to keep your attention, I will get to the point - Kindles are good for people with Asthma.
I don't have it and had no clue.
I was riding on the WashDC Metrorail commuting home last night and had a discussion with a family of tourists. Now I know that some of you are going to say that this sounds like it belongs on the thread about demo'ing our K2s to others. But it just starts there.
My seat mate was a young woman with her perhaps 7 year-old daughter on her lap (the train was crowded) and Dad and son were standing. They noticed the K2 and asked about it, so of course I was off to the races and told them about its many features and how much I liked it. The little girl said in a very happy voice something like "Oh how nice, it would be perfect for me". Well I felt the immediate need to explain that it was not a toy (I did NOT say that). But I did say that it was expensive - $350.00. And that it was really only justified for heavy readers.
Well, they explained that the little girl has Asthma. Like many children with it she limits her physical and outside activities, so she reads a lot. AND......wait for it.......when she opens a book she almost immediately starts to cough. Especially library books. Wow. You could have knocked me over with a feather. It never occured to me.
So here is a little girl for whom this device would not be too expensive at all. In fact when you think about it, it is cheap. And it has the chance to change/enhance her life.
Again I say WOW.
I just had to share this with you here at KB and to suggest that we might even get on a mission to make sure that people that have Asthma are told about this. I am going to look into demoing mine at any official gatherings of such people/families.
What are your experiences/thoughts??
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