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problems fixed (I hope), enhancements added

Here there is the fixed an enhanced version of my gui wrapper for the jscript written by =X=.
It was my fault to omit quoting the directory where the script resides so I corrected this issue and now the gui is working properly.

nrapallo suggested this:

I think if you change " /c" to " /c /e:4096" it should help.
but in autoit the shell invoked by the script is not (the older ms-dos shell) but cmd.exe (the new shell introduced by Microsoft first in windows2000 OS), so I don't think that is necessary to increase the quantity of the extra memory needed by the shell. (cmd.exe does not even has a switch for this cases).
So, I changed a little bit the javascript code and now you can produce imp file from doc, rtf, html, txt, ppt, and pps documents and I have decided to change the name of the program to any2IMP.
I attached the new version bellow:
first the exe compiled with autoit and the modified javascript
second the sources
If you are concerned about the false positives raised by some antivir or antimalware products please take only the source and, you can download AutoIt and you can compile the exe by yourself. The false positives issue it is a known problem, you can read about it on autoit forum (see one of my previous post).
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