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Hello David and @unlitmoon,

My Aura is now working again, thanks for your help !

Below are the required steps to restore Kobo aura N514 :
  1. Charge the KOBO AURA during more than 2 hours. If battery is HS, change it before doing this reinstall procedure!
  2. Download the image SD aura H2O given by PM
  3. Unzip the file
  4. In this file the image is named Kobo_Aura_H2O.img
  5. Download the program USB Duplicator Image Writer.exe
  6. Insert a SD card in your computer (my SD card was 2Go capacity)
  7. Execute USB Duplicator Image Writer.exe
  8. Select the Select source for the image (Kobo_Aura_H2O.img)
  9. Select the destination drive for the image (SD Card of minimum 2Go total capacity)
  10. Start the processus...
  11. When processus finished eject properly the SD card from you computer
  12. Shut down the Kobo N514 (slide the top button to the right and maintain it in this position : When led is totally off then kobo aura has shut down).
  13. With N514 fully charged and connected to power supply (it's really important because if Aura shuts down during the processus you will have to do it again !) insert SD card in aura
  14. Press simultaneusely Light button + Slide the power button to the right
  15. A message on the screen explain that the restore is in progress
  16. After few minutes you are invited to connect Kobo with wifi or Kobo desktop (in my case the first possibility failed so I have connect my computer to the Kobo AURA vi USB and launched kobo registration following the software steps / the popup used to do this operation was hidden by the main software page).
  17. After registration please eject property the USB cable from your computer
  18. Restoration process will continue (In my case the screen will finish this operation with strange vertical lines)
  19. Final step : the Kobo Aura restarts and is fully operational ! You can remove the SD card. Enjoy reading !
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