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Originally Posted by douglasamcintosh View Post
Very nice. Look forward to trying this out. Anyway to decrease the file size for example by changing the images to greyscale? Or would that not reuce the size much.
I tried to reduce the amount of colors or to change the image to grayscale, but I saw some problems :
  • In gray scale mode, the eBook reader give a bad image. For example, the image converter of the PRS 505 give a very good result from color to grayscale. But it try also to convert grayscale as it was color and the result is not nice.
    (I don't know what is the equivalent of french word "tramage" in english ).
    I didn't find the good compromise and the good tool to add in my program for this purpose.
  • On small image like 600x800, the profit is not so big for the jpg (if the original scan is not in true color 24 bits). That's why the program propose to resize the pages to decrease the size of the final file.
  • Changing to grayscale takes more time of calculation than reducing the resolution.
  • I told to myself that, in few month, the standard eBook reader will be in color so...
  • Finally, I decided that it was more important to finish a working revision of the program than to find a better solution for color reduction.
Looking at the amount of interested persons for this program, perhaps that this choice was not so bad
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