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The report is wrong. Until now there have only been two venues where the Reader has been made available: Sony's online store (where the supply sold out in roughly a day and where it's now backordered til late November) and the 35 or so Sony Style stores across the U.S., each of which initially received between 10 and 20 units. Amazon never carried the device and is unlikely to do so, because it will compete with their upcoming Kindle. Borders sales start next week (yes, about 300 stores), but supplies at Borders are pretty tight. I know of one flagship Borders location in a major city which got allocated fewer than 10 units. That all said, I won't quibble with the overall figure of 10,000, but that may be more a target for 2006 sales in total (or an overall production figure for this year), not booked sales thus far (no pun intended). Those clearly aren't all sold yet. And even if Sony does sell that many, it won't move the needle at Sony, given the battery recall disaster (costing them upwards of a half-billion dollars) and big delays in shipping PS3, which is far more important in the big scheme of Sony than our very nice little ebook device.
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