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As an overseas Kindle 2 owner, I can confirm Daffy's comments: magazine and blog subscriptions can just be downloaded and dropped via USB to the Kindle in lieu of Whispernet delivery. That said, actually subscribing to magazines or blogs (and presumably newspapers) does not seem to make them available for download... it's almost as if the first issue has to be pushed via Whispernet to get the subscription to activate.

Approximately 2.5 weeks ago, I subscribed to Newsweek and the Amazon Daily. The subscriptions both showed in the "Manage My Kindle" page at Amazon. Unfortunately, for nearly 2 weeks both subscriptions showed as "pending", and the pulldown menu for downloads stayed blank. Selecting the download button generated an error from Amazon (because I wasn't actually selecting an issue to download).

When I went back to the States on a short trip last week, I turned the Kindle's wireless on, curious to see what would happen. Both subscriptions immediately showed on the Kindle. The "Manage My Kindle" page also now shows both subscriptions as active, with several issues downloadable.

My Kindle2 was pre-registered with Amazon at purchase. The download problem was an issue of the Amazon site itself, just a quirk of Amazon's process. Everything seems to be fine now that I'm back overseas, but I'm curious if I'll run into the same problem when I try to subscribe to another periodical. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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