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PDF to EPUB conversion

Since the developer of Calibre is here perhaps he can help me solve my problem.

First of all, thanks for this wonderful application.

One of the things I like about Calibre is the possibility of transforming PDFs into EPUB documents. I find reading PDFs in my ipod not as comfortable as reading them as EPUB documents in Stanza. I'm finding some problems transforming some of the documents, however.

My language, Catalan, has accented characters, just like Spanish or French. With some of the PDF documents, the conversion is flawless. With other documents, however, I get character sequences like these: e' for , or u for .

What could cause this problem? I would say I did exactly the same to convert all of the documents. Why do some preserve the accented characters while others have sequences of two characters? Is this something that has to do with the encoding of these characters in the original PDF document?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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