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Originally Posted by Harmon View Post
I use the Instapaper app in the pro version, which has a setting that allows the print to scroll based on slightly tilting the iphone/pod. It works very well - better than the tap, in my experience.

What would be very nice would to be able to move to the next page by a simple to & fro tilt. Combine that with the curl effect in Stanza, & I think it would be a psychologically satisfying reading experience.
I tried using the tilt/scroll feature for a while -- it seemed like a perfect fit for those times I was stuck standing on the bus and had only one hand free. Unfortunately, I could never seem to hold steady enough, it was just too sensitive, and text would keep shifting as I was trying to read. Very uncomfortable.

Eventually I got quite used to holding the Touch in one hand and tapping with my thumb, and it has become a very comfortable position. On the other hand, I am also not using Instapaper much these days, so it is something of a non-issue.

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