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Are you on the Treasure Coast?


I'm Julie on the Treasure Coast. I have a Sony 500 that I bought about 3 years ago. I was actually on the waiting list as soon as I read the reviews from the Las Vegas tech show that year!

I've just upgraded to the 505, didn't get the 700 because of the lack of screen definition that the touch screen causes. Also, too many people on this forum recommended the 505.

Well, good luck on your decision. I've taken my book everywhere and I still get people asking me what it is. I tell them it's an Ipod for books. That seems to satisfy most people.

By the way, the black leather cover on my reader is just now getting ratty with little crumbs falling off. I guess 3 years is about the lifespan for the covers. Also, dropped mine one time and put a tiny dent on the upper right corner, but it still works fine. The battery is still holding a charge well. The only criticism I have is the awful website for buying the books. They really should just start over on that.

Hope this helps.

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