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Kindle support called me today to update me on why

my battery does not last as it should.

My battery with wispernet on lasts 1 day. With wispernet off it lasts 2-3 days with it in sleep mode much of that time

Customer support attributes shorter batter life due to the fact that I have a SD memory card in it. Seems they are only guessing.

Kindle sent me a NEW replacement battery and it lasted for 12 hours with wisperrnet on.

Went back to my old battery and I am waiting for them to analyze the information that they downloaded from my Kindle to make a determination of what the problem is.
This is the Kindle support analysis and how to fix the situation.

1.) Kindle does not support SD HC memory cards. ( I have a 4gb hc)
They confirm they have never told customers this.
No HC memory cards should be used

2.)They say my Kindle keeps re-indexing and causes battery drain.
*Their solution is to reformat the Kindle to the way it came.
*Take out the SD card
*Paper clip the back and press the Home key right after.
3 commands will come up. Choose #2 - Restore to default.
*The contents of the Clippings File will be lost.
*Periodicals older than 7 issues may not be able to be accessed.
(they don't know for sure) Although I have archived them on my computer

3. They say my clippings file is corrupted. Mind you, It works fine for me.
*Seems unusual since it is a text file

4. They say replace the SD card with a memory card that does not have HC.

5. I purchased the SD card base on Amazon recommendation and they gave me a $20 credit to purchase a non HC card.

I have not performed this yet. Try to find a 4gb Sd card without HC. Not many if any around. So I did purchase a 2GB without HC.

I have 550mb of books and periodicals on my Kindle

Opinions please.

I can say this getting old though.
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