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Calibre crashes Finder in OS X

When I attach my Sony Reader to my Mac via the USB port, it mounts normally and Calibre is able to access and download books to it. But when I try to remove the device, the Finder freezes. No Finder menus work, including the Restart or Shutdown menus, so I can't even restart the machine. I am forced to do a hard reset with the power button. If I don't do that pretty quick, other apps start to fail and I get a system-wide crash.

I have tried dismounting the reader before quitting Calibre, and also the other way -- quitting Calibre and then dismounting the device. The result is the same either way. The Sony hard drive icon remains on the desktop but Finder reports the device cannot be found. Then Finder freezes. There is no spinning rainbow cursor, the Finder just stops responding to any input at all.

The last version of Calibre that I have been able to work with normally is version 0.5.1, which responds correctly to a device dismount. Does anyone know what's wrong?
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