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This update is a nice improvement! Thank you Jesse!

So, here's a brief review (since every one likes a review now-a-days):

Upon installing, the ver0.10 finds the PDF and creates 2 versions of converted PDFs. One is a text-conversion and the other is PNG conversion. The text-version is great for simple text-only PDFs. Loads fast and refreshes fast. However, it loses all the pictures. The PNG conversion is snapshots of each page of the PDF and displays them page-wise. This is the choice if you need to read PDFs with pictures (most scientific papers). Pressing the 'menu' button in PNG-mode reveals a list of options enabling one to move around in the PNG to improve the readability. However, the refresh rates are slow (perhaps due to the limitations of Kindle's processor and built-in RAM? - just a guess).

This is a quantum-improvement over previous versions and it makes leap towards making Kindle2 a self-sufficient PDF reader. It covers up some of the deficiencies that Kindle2 came with.

I haven't used it enough to know about the long-term stability. If you are adventurous with your Kindle2, I would definitely recommend installing this version of Savory. The risks (as per my experience) are minimal-to-nothing. The installation is completely reversible. That said, YMMV.

1. Perhaps a lower resolution PNG conversion would allow faster refresh rates?
2. Can the 5-way key be enabled to move around the page in PNG mode? That would make it so much more convenient.


PS: Just in case someone is wondering how to move from 0.06/0.08 to 0.10 (new version): replace the old ext3 file with the new one and restart the kindle.

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