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Suggestions on how to find books to read

I realize this is probably a ridiculous, unanswerable question, but can anyone provide some pointers as to how you find books to read? I'm not an avid reader, but enjoy reading and bought the Kindle, in part, to get me to read more.

Anyway, I'm finding searching in the Kindle store tedious unless I have a specific title in mind. For instance, I like "current time" (as opposed to in distant future) Sci-Fi, So I click on the Sci-Fi group and then I'm left with going through page after page of looking for something that strikes me. I've tried the "customers who bought this also bought...", technique, but I find those to be a very poor predictor of similar books.

So, are there other websites that help "find" books. (I've found iTune's "Genius" feature to be a very useful and accurate way of finding new music; which there was something similar for books).

Any thoughts?
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