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Simple Esperanto ePub conversion script?

I recently noticed that the Sony Reader PRS-505 does not support the following Esperanto characters: ĉĝĥĵŝŭĈĜĤĴŜŬ. They just show up as question marks!

Anyway I'd like to have a script to be able to auto-convert these letters either by adding h to them, so ĉ would become ch, ĝ -> gh, and ŭ -> u. What would be the easiest way to write a script to do this? Could I write a plug-in for Calibre? Is there an easy way to load an ePub file into a free [Mac] editor and just run a global search and replace on the entire file? I'm really frustrated the PRS-505 doesn't have true unicode support. Thanks for any direction you can give me into how to go about this!
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