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Lightbulb Building an EPUB Spotlight importer for MacOS X

Hi. I'm the main developer of Books for Mac OS X:
I'm currently rebuilding the platform for Books 4, which will be based around EPUB documents for storing content and metadata about the items in your collection.

Recently, I began writing a Spotlight plugin for this project and I had a few questions that need clearing up before I release any public code. (Don't worry - I'll be looking for testers real soon.)

First of all, on the Mac, the system uses Universal Type Identifiers (UTIs) to keep track of the types of various files:
Is there an official UTI for EPUB documents? I searched and didn't find anything. If there isn't one, would any object to me assigning
to EPUB documents on OS X? I ask because I'd like this plugin to be compatible with other products like Calibre and not step on anyone's toes.

Finally, the current version of the plugin indexes XHTML-based EPUB files without any problems. Are there any non-XHTML EPUB files in circulation that I should also support and test against. Is anyone doing anything with PDF-based EPUB? This probably sounds silly, but I thought that I should ask.

Thanks in advance!

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