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multiple hacks?

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but are there any known problems with applying multiple hacks? For instance, if I were to apply the screensaver hack and then apply the unicode font hack, would there be any unintended results from the Kindle being double hacked? Would my version read "2.0.2 (309510017) + SS 0.4 + UFHack 0.1" or would it read "2.0.2 (309510017) + UFHack 0.1"? Would both hacks be able to be removed when a new update gets sent out? Has anyone tested this? Does the order of applying and/or removing these hacks matter? Just checking. There are some great hacks to choose from now, and I wasn't sure if I had to choose my one favorite hack or if I could apply multiple hacks without worries. Thanks!
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