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Sirbruce, thanks for writing.

Actually, I wouldn't say that I've cost Amazon money (I have bought and kept many more items over the years than I've ever returned), but even if I have... I mentioned, it wasn't due to me trying to scam anyone, or anything like that. Yes, I simply received a string of defective items. Hard to accept? OK, I'll grant that, but it IS the truth. I don't see any way I can prove it to you other than had you seen them yourself

But how completely outrageous is it for Amazon to have basically told me "since we've sent a series of defective items to you, and you've actually returned them to us instead of keeping them, you can't buy anything more from us", and then to go so far as to make it impossible for me to access videos and (archives of) Kindle books I've legitimately purchased...

...for life!

Please note that NOWHERE in this thread have I Amazon-bashed or implied that they're bad people. They're not.

Clearly, I must have been improperly caught up in some "sweep", and I'll I care about is resolving the situation so I can continue happily reading.

Have a great night-

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