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Ian began at the beginning.
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Hi Forster-

I'm sorry if you don't believe me, and I am truly giving you all the whole story.

I have used for many years now, buying and keeping many, many things.

Yes, I have returned some very big ticket items (TVs, DSLR's), but let me be very clear here: I only returned items when they were defective, be it uneven backlighting (TVs) or out of focus lenses or improper dust sealing (cameras).

I realize that a cursory glance at these returns may look odd, and yet there was never any malicious intent here, none at all - and the entire time, all I was doing was following Amazon's own customer service policies. Every single cs rep I ever spoke to was friendly, and said "no problem, we'll return/exchange the item"

I've kept so many more things than I've ever returned, btw.

But now, there's been no warning, no written policy, no "hey, why did you return these items" - just a blanket ban on all things Amazon (and Kindle).

According to the note they sent me, I am not even able to contact the regular customer service line; in effect, I have a partially bricked Kindle that doesn't even qualify for its own warranty.

That's the whole story... if you do a search online for "amazon banned", you'll see this has happened to many people: some total scammers (good for Amazon!) and many just normal people like me who got rounded up inappropriately.

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