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Actually, I've never returned a single Kindle book.

The only things I HAVE returned were some large electronics - but honestly, ONLY when there were defects or flaws in them. If it works well, I keep it. Period.

The number of orders I've kept over the years I've been on the site far outweigh the number of items I've returned.

And any time I've had to return something, the cs reps were nothing but kind and accommodating. Certainly, if I were told it was NOT OK to return defective items, I wouldn't have even tried.

But with no warning, no explanation of policies, nothing at all, I'm now unable to purchase products at the world's biggest marketplace, nor am I able to help manage content on my Kindle, a product I truly do believe in and want to support- and that is at least 75% less useful without access to the store.

This is incredibly disheartening - I wonder if anyone has some idea how I can go about convincing them that I'm not some kind of scammer.

I AM someone who has been (and would happily continue to) evangelize the Kindle.

Now I'm a guy with a very expensive brick.

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