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Originally Posted by Mrgauth View Post
Do any of you Touch users find it annoying to be turning pages all the time. Because you gotta be turning pages constantly and frequently right?

Does that get old. Me, with my poor eyesight will have the font so high that there will most likely not be more than 3 words per line and thus I will be turning pages every 5 seconds. Issues with that?
It does not bother me at all, though it is one of the reasons I do not use the Kindle app. Both Stanza and eReader apps can be set to page turn with a tap rather than a swipe. It may seem a rather subtle difference, but I find the swiping gets old rather quickly, while the taps don't bother me. I do keep the font fairly large when I read without my glasses (which I often do in bed).

The Kindle app is not quite as mature as Stanza and eReader, so some of the options, are not available. I expect we will see some revisions in the future, but for now the Kindle app is pretty bare bones. Some of the other options offered on one or both of the others include custom fonts, colors (including inverse or custom night schemes), screen rotation, dictionary integration, margins/line spacing and others. Of course, neither offers access to the Kindle books or whispersync functionality, so another trade off.

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