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I gave up the Sony, as I rarely used it, but the Touch is my keeper. Certainly the Sony had some specific advantages, the eInk is very nice, and the battery life is great. The Touch is just a better all-around device, for me at least.

The battery life is not nearly as good, but reading for two to three hours a day, I still only need to recharge every three days or so. The wireless access to my usual sources of ebooks (eReader, Feedbooks, Smashwords, etc.) is great. It is always handy, and I can read in any light, or lack thereof. Transferring files from the desktop is a weakness, no question, though Calibre seems to work well for most people. For myself, I find that most of my content is direct-download so it not been much of an issue.

Your mileage may vary. Ultimately, it comes down to how you'll use it. As someone mentioned, if you don't have any WiFi access, the Touch would be a very poor choice. I only have WiFi at home, but it is all I need and very useful.

Good luck with your decision.

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