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Adding books to a large database

I was wondering if there is no easier way to update the db. i have about 30000 books and i want to add 16000 more... it is really hard to do it. It keeps crashing, not responding and when it finally adds the books it often goes into not responding mode and it never comes back. When i manually stop it then i realise some books did not make into the db...

Is there an easier way than to use the gui to add new books, it is just so long to do (over 1 week to add all those books) and the crashes keeps me restarting over and over.

I decided to cut the books into various packs so its easier to do, but even with that some crashes keep preventing me from continuing.

Any tips on doing this are welcome, as i am at wits end!


N.b: i'm wondering why is it so long? Isn t there a way to just read the metainfo and simply copy each book into a directory? Updating a mysql db is extremely fast, and its not like the books are being entered entirely in the db, just the metainfo so i'm wondering why its taking so long to just enter the title, author etc into the db. Just a question not criticism .

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