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LRF Chapter detection

Originally Posted by gwynevans View Post
A better way to check if you can (i.e. you're running Windows) would be to use the Sony software, as that can show the contants.

Anyway, with the current upload, you've got ... footnotes also appearing there ... twice! The first set of "[1]" to "[51]" link to the footnotes at the end, while the second set link to their positions in the text. There's also a blank entry, which links to a blank page between Ch1 & Ch2.
Thankyou, Gwyne, for your notice; I'm only able to see .mobi file output so your message if valuable.
I'll take your advice and download Sony ereader software to check the text out on my laptop. I hadn't realised that was an option.

A friend suggested I should not have uploaded all of volume one, that it's too much for the reader. She's right, I guess. But to hear what you've found inclines me to overwrite it with a single unreferences chapter and go back to the drawing board. An ebook with references running amok is not the ideal start for this story. Not to mention the fact that I've upset some folks with what I thought were uncontroversial statements.

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