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Dear Madam,
Congratulations on your Frank Sinatra theme; it works, I reckon.
And thanks for commenting on the ebook, TibA.
I'm delighted that you were not so much bored as disgusted and grateful that you quoted the two paragraphs which led to your conclusion.
For the record, Governor Reagan did make that speech in Philadelphia, Mississippi, and Senator Obama announced his candidacy in Springfield, Illinois.
They're the facts of the matter.
I imagine that you do not dispute the suggestion that Senator Obama launched his campaign in Springfield because of its association with Abraham Lincoln.
Perhaps you question the belief that Reagan delivered that speech in Philadelphia in order to appeal to white supremacists?
Should you provide a more plausible explanation of Reagan's being there at that time I'll consider it just as I considered the evidence of a resident of Philadelphia, MS, in concluding that the Governor was there to get the message out to all of America's white supremacists that they could feel comfortable with him as their president.

Knowledge, is afterall, arrived at by a careful weighing of the available evidence.
I don't think the evidence you've put forward - the two paragraphs you've quoted from TibA - supports the conclusion that you've drawn.

I hope you'll read on and gather that evidence from the text. When you have it, please quote it, here, so that we can all see that you had not jumped to an erroneous conclusion.

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