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Improve the support for non-english PDF docs

Sony Reader couldn't display the whole PDF document(Chinese) created by Adobe Acrobat (or PDFCreator, PrimoPDF, ScanSoft PDF Create! etc.), but it does work fine when I just print some pages of the same document using the same PDF tools at the same PDF settings. A really strange bug here. Adviced by Slava, I used pdfFactory to print the same doc to PDF, everhthing is fine! Sony Reader is incompatible with Acrobat in non-english PDF output?!!

Also found something that maybe interesting:

If a PDF document could not be displayed in CONNECT Reader in PC, it's also unreadable in SONY Reader. Thus I guess SONY has the same PDF viewer (maybe same core) in PC and Reader. I check the directory where CONNECT Reader installed in my PC and found this dll file: FskDocumentViewerAdobe.dll, version is "", name is "Embedded PDF Viewer for Sony Connect Reader", and comes from "Adobe Systems Incorporated"

That is why I got confused. It looks like Adobe is the provider for SONY Reader's PDF viewer, but Sony Reader is incompatible with Adobe's Acrobat in non-english PDF output?!!

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