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Originally Posted by flumbo
I've been using my reader for 9 days now and think some things can be improved in the next software update. Sony seems to look in these forums, so maybe we can all provide a list to help.

1. Screen Orientation. For some reason, sony decided to put both page turn controls on the same side of the device. The reader screen should be able to rotate to any orientation to allow holding it and turning pages with the right hand.
I would really like this to happen! Seems like a very simple change but would be quite useful to right handed people.

The other thing I'd like to see is an option to go to landscape and have the pagination redone rather than splitting a page and showing dimmed out text at the top or bottem.

I am getting used to portrait reading with the button on the left but I think I'd do landscape if it didn't have the anoying dimmed out text.
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