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Some suggestions for Software Updates

Update: Use also the Wiki to add your wishes:

I've been using my reader for 9 days now and think some things can be improved in the next software update. Sony seems to look in these forums, so maybe we can all provide a list to help.

1. Screen Orientation. For some reason, sony decided to put both page turn controls on the same side of the device. The reader screen should be able to rotate to any orientation to allow holding it and turning pages with the right hand.

2. Naming documents, authors, genre. The connect software should allow you to rename documents within the interface. Having to reopen the document in word to change the title is inconvenient. It would be nice (and probably be good for business) if the Connect software was actually usable to organize my book library.

3. Drag to Library. For some reason you can't drag a document into the main document list to add to the library. You have to drag it to the little "library" icon.

4. Automatic Page Turn. Enable an automatic page turn option that every other reader software has. Place a small status gauge as a visual of when the page will turn. Adjust speed with the joystick or page turn buttons.

5. RSS Feeds. I've only downloaded feeds a couple times and it doesn't seem to work very well.
  • Half of the stories from Wired were in unreadable, tiny 2pt text.
  • It isn't clear how to immediately update the RSS feeds.
    All the feeds are underlined as links, but clicking on them doesn't give the user any feedback. The Bullet icon next to the feed name is clickable, but doesn't show any hand or feedback when clicked. If you click several times because you aren't sure if it is working it adds muliple instances of that feed to download in the Status area.
  • Give items being downloaded a user-readable name. Are we supposed to know that "Downloading 30193_10102006_0713" means "Downloading Engadget RSS?"

6. Lockups in Connect Software. The connect software is constantly locking up. I assumed at first that it was trying to convert a file, but 2 hours later it was still locked up. Seems most stable when started without the reader plugged in first, but usually locks up when the reader is plugged in. I've seen the same problems on two different computers...

7. Add support for unencrypted .prc or .pdb books. Most of my books are still in this format from my PalmOS days. I can still read them on my PPC. These should be usable on the reader as well.

8. Status indicator. This was a poor choice in iTunes and is a poor choice here. Every other icon on the left indicates a location where books are stored, why should the status of current operations be hidden there? There seems to be plenty of room on the top or bottom of the screen to give a message that says "transfering book 1 of 3".

9. Connect store.
  • Move the "cart" navigation element out of the middle of the menu. Convention is that "cart" is not usually part of the main site navigation or at least isn't hidden in the middle. It took me a while to find it.
  • The author name in the "top 10" lists should be clickable.
  • When browsing a sub-category (sci-fi, mystery, etc) the results shouldn't be in a small frame. I missed the "page 1 of 15" the first few times I browsed because you have it only below the book list (not everyone will be browsing full screen)-- add it to the top also. Allow a "view all" option.
  • There's plenty of white space available-- a short description would be helpful. Move the "add to cart" button closer to the book information or give each title some visual separation so it is easier to line up the button with the book title.

10. Buying in a browser. I know Sony thinks their Connect software is cool, but for the past couple weeks I've been traveling and have occasionally borrowed public or client terminals. It would have been nice to buy a book without having to load software onto a computer.

11. Delete from the device menu. Allow users to manage items on their device without having to hook up to a computer. If I finish a book and want to clear out the title, why can't I do that from the reader?
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