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Thanks Jon,
I'm not too sure how to put in bookmarks, as you suggest, but will look into that. In the meantime, though, the question concerning this that I posted in Calibre a few days ago is now active again so I'm following that, too, and will sort this out soon enough.

It being April Fools' Day, I feel free to display further ignorance by asking if you or Patricia or someone else who knows to tell me how I can upload the various versions of the book to the MobileRead library.
I have been looking around for a couple of days in search of the way to do this but, as I say, I'm not au fait with newsgroups and have thus far failed to solve this simple problem.
I'm a writer and having a group of ready readers is Christmas so I'm anxious to get 'Taken in by America' into readers' hands but my deficit in the IT department is holding me back until I learn how to navigate and sail online.

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