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Hello again,
Patricia, thanks for the advice; I'll do that.
Jon, the text was written on Word 2004 for Mac then transferred to Windows (because the Mac OSX was pre-Tiger and couldn't run Calibre) Word 97 compatible then converted to filtered HTML and run through Calibre.

I have a Mobipocket reader software on my Windows machine and the .mobi file came out looking as it should (i.e., like a book). Similarly, the .epub file worked well when viewed from within Calibre. The .lrf, on the other hand, lacked, as I mentioned in a previous message, a Table of Contents. But I've made it available until I can figure out the chapter detection syntax for calibre .lrf files.

I hope that answers your question, Jon, and is not off on a tangent, or, worse, a shaggy dog story.

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