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Using Whispernet w/o a credit card

Hi guys,

I am looking into getting myself the Kindle 2 even though I am not a US resident. I have posted before in a different thread that I will do this with a US Amazon account and that I will use gift certificates to purchase books and/or subscriptions and use the usb cable to download to the Kindle. This part is pretty much taken care of.

The beauty is that I have to travel to the US about 6 to 8 times a year and while there I will try to benefit from the Whispernet functionality. This being said, when I do this, will I be able to charge any purchase to my Amazon account (evidently the one to which the Kindle will be registered with) in which there will be a positive balance (i.e. before I leave for the US I will drop 50$ in the account).

Does the Kindle store ask you how you want to pay when you make a purchase (i.e. a question like : do you want to charge this to your credit card on record or to your account ?).

I ask because I am aware of the whole "one click" function when you buy from Amazon.

Anyone can shed some light on this rather simple (yet very long...sorry..) query.

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