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Hello dreams,
I was in the middle of replying to your message when an ad appeared over the top and logged me out so I'm unsure if any of that message is still in the aether.
Assuming it's not, I'll answer again:

The book is an anecdotal account of how the USA came to be as it is, of what makes the American tick.

Part One will be available for download from the associated website.
I'll post the name of that website in this forum first thing on April 1st.

I used Kovid Goyal's 'Calibre' to generate three versions - .epub, lrf, and .mobi - of the ebook but the lrf version is not up to scratch, yet, because I've not been able to generate a Table of Contents in that version.

I asked for help in the Calibre forum but no-one answered. Since I didn't want to be too pushy with my minor issue, and since I'd already had much help from Kovid and others in that forum, I decided to publish the lrf version as is on the grounds that I can always make the more user friendly version available just as soon as I figure out the tricky syntax for chapter recognition in that form.

So please check out this thread first thing on April 1st and you'll have the name of the website and its associated ebook. There's a direct email contact provided to the publisher, there, too; i.e., the group behind the website project.

Thanks for your interest and of course I'd welcome any response should you ever decide to read the tall tale I've written about your extraordinary nation and its people.
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