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bazmi began at the beginning.
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hi kleykenb,

i agree with you that the build quality of all iRex devices is well below par. the iLiad (build quality only) is a bit better than DR but that is only relative. compare this with the sony devices (i have both 505 and 700) and the differences are amazing.

i cannot understand why any company that charges the kind of premium that iRex does cannot use decent material. even the plastic used looks like it has been recycled one too many times.

i have used many devices - from HP LX, jornadas, palm devices, sharp zaurus (almost all models), nokia 8xx, sony book readers and now these iRex devices and never felt cheated the way i have with iRex. most of the devices i have bought were newly released so this whole business of 'new-technology-so-expect-glitches' is pure nonsense. if the problems in irex were screen related, i could for once buy that but all their problems are ones that have nothing to do with new technology eg APM was known and available more than 10 years ago!

i read a lot in these forums where anyone who says anything which is not complimentary to iRex is almost hounded off so be careful of what you say.

i use the DR to use newspapers (great press reader app). for everything else, irex is less than second rate - pdf rendering (cannot see how 20-30 second call up for a page can be called acceptable) or note taking app (xournal, when ported would be so nice).

as far as the iliad is concerned - just an expensive and ugly paperweight. software sucks, have to hang the ugly ethernet connector to even charge, its buttons are unreliable (turns 5 pages when you try to turn one etc).

so, i would wholeheartedly support a campaign to help people not waste their money on irex products. i have been a fool and bought two of their devices but will be a cheat if i recommended their devices to anyone
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