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Metadata issues

Hello everyone !

First of all, i've browsed this forum, hunting for a previous post about my issue... But i couldn't find one... Thus, maybe i'm the only one experiencing this king of problem, or maybe i can't explain it the right way.
English is not my mother tongue, then, i may not use the rights words to describe it !
So forgive me it's a well known problem !

So... i bought a Sony PRS-505 few days ago, and since then, i'm playing with it, trying to figure out all its functionnalities !
I've downloaded Calibre, and really loved it ! Clear, efficient, very useful, especially when you compare it to the Sony Ebook Library...

The only problem i encountered is about metadatas :
I've imported my ebook library from a file folder, and patiently check and fill all the fields (author, title...).
BUT, when i load all my stuff in my reader (which one include a 1go MS card), most of the time, the reader don't recognize the metadata!

For example, Calibre contains the ebook : "Treasure Island" From Stevenson...
and when i transfer it to my reader, this ebook is displayed as "Treasure_Island_-_Stevenson.epub".

Whatever the format (pdf, epub, ...) the problem is !

Please note that i'm using the Calibre functionnality to transfert theses ebooks...

Do anyone already experienced this?

Thanks for your time !!

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