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I can't really find any information specific to my device (Hanlin V3) but I would think that it would work the same. This guide was the closest thing to idiot-proof that I could find, but it still didn't work.

File "D:\Downloads\DRM Removal Package\mobipocket\", line 22
print "Bad key length!"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I used the key generated by for me. Their program was confusing, as to whether I should put in the PID for my computer or my reader. I put it in for my computer, but the damn program won't let me transfer it to my V3. But just in case, I tried both numbers. Same result. In both cases the PID is 10 characters.

I'm not really even sure which program to use. I tried them all. I got the same result from every program. I don't know the difference between MobiDeDRM003 and 005.

One more thing. The filename I downloaded was a .prc file, not a .mobi file. I don't know if that would make a difference or not.

I know you thought your post was idiot-proof; you really didn't expect a whole new breed of idiot, now did you


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