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The iRex DR1000S is a really frustrating device. Even though it seemed to be the device I had been longing for for years (I read a lot of technical documentation) it has proven a real nightmare.
I could have delt with the FW problems, even though with 1.5 it still crashes on me at least a few times per day. FW problems tend to get fixed.
But what I can not appreciate is the fragility of the system. My first DR1000S arrived with a broken SD card reader, it could read SD cards (at first) but not format anything, and after a few weeks it could not even read anymore and I had no option but send it in for repair. It took iRex more than a month to get a 'replacement' device, which was said to be 'new' but when I opened the box it turned out that 1) no pen was to be found in the box and 2) the device frame was not completely closed, there was a gap in the bottom left, which makes me think this was really a refurbished device and not new at all. And then yesterday I was reading the device, on my back in the sofa , with a right-angled USB cable inserted (battery was near empty again ... ) but what happened : the USB port broke off from the motherboard by the simple weight of the device itself, my hands were only supporting it lightly ... and the device is broken again. So here a little warning for you all because you might not be aware : the USB port is in no way connected to or supported by the plastic frame : simply connecting the USB cable could probably break it off the motherboard easily if you're not extremly carefull.
So I've opened a new ticket but I'd be very suprised if iRex took it back for a warranty repair and frankly : I have lost too much sleep and waking time over this device that I simply don't know if I still want it. If iRex doesn't offer to repair it on warranty basis I WILL however do the community a favour and take the device apart and let you all know what the beast looks like on the inside.

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