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Yes I know - The included libraries are GPL - If you google for them you can see their individual licenses. Once I get things together a little more I will include all the details in the code. I was more looking to see if it works at this point.

As far as the content - it's from the gizmodo RSS feed - not sure on the legality of distributing it - but I did not remove any copyright notices or advertising that they include in their feeds.

There are so many news aggregator services out there that have this content and all different rss feeds so I'm not sure how that works. The only difference is this code repackages it and sends it to your browser as a pdf rather than html.

I noticed that many feeds only offer a brief summary of the articles (or even just a title) so that you have to go to their site to read the whole thing. I wouldn't 'scrape' their sites to get the full content as they obviously don't want you to do that.

If anyone has a definitive answer or more opinions on that it would be good to know. If I can get the code together it might be a good idea to approach the feed suppliers to ask permission? Maybe have people suggest feeds that they would like to read?

If it turns out that it's not a good idea to use the feeds, I will probably continue to develop the code - one of my ideas for it is to interface with your own google calendar rss feed so you could take 2-3 weeks of your calendar with you on your reader.


Edit: For now I have switched the feed over to - it's a free news feed that is released under the creative commons license. I'll look into this in more detail tomorrow - after I get some sleep

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