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Firstly, I agree, getting and reading news on my M515 is the way to go. But for me, keeping up with the local, international (not to mention US) and my home country news, takes a lot of effort. At least, your creative solution   helps a great deal. I just need to automate the process a bit. From your last channel list, I simply click 10 or so channels, then convert them. I believe some are updated daily, others perhaps weekly or less.

For my local news (in Bahasa Indonesia), none seems to have a Palm friendly pages. I maybe wrong though   . So, the only I can get local news in my work location (Singapore), is thru the web.

The last category of news, and I admit, I'm a sucker for science and technology, are the popular science, national geography, scientific america, type of articles. Well, until the PDA evolves into one with foldable screens, it's going to be difficult to appreciate articles by just reading them on my M515.

So now back to the question. Is the future paperless news? I think it is, but I would not hold my breath it'll happen 10 years from now. I've been in the IT business for the last 20 years.
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