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Handwriting etc

Hi all,

I am looking at buying a device that is primarily for notetaking with some ebook reader. I have tried Tablets but it didn't work out (too long to boot, battery life, need to take charger everywhere), digital pens like Livescribe and even the Digimemo. What I really need is a Iliad or PRS700 type device with a good handwriting experience.

I take copious notes daily in my job and do it on Moleskin notebooks. I frequently check back to previous meetings etc to check notes so I need something with me rather than transferred and left on a PC. Obviously, the downside is the problem with having to retype some notes and the fact I have 15 old notebooks sat on my shelf behind my desk just in case i need to look back.

Anyway, can anyone tell me if the Iliad or other ebook reader can do this? My priorities are:
  • Natural handwritting/notetaking (70%) weighting. Having an electronic version of my natural handwritten notes is more important than handwritting recognition and conversion.
  • Ebook reading (for personal reading - novels etc rather than PDFs) (20% weighting)
  • WiFi (10% weighting)

Hope you can help. I know this Forum is more about Reading but i can't find a MobiWrite equivalent.

Kind regards

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