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Just found your completed summary on Authonomy - I have to say I like that one a lot better! I still don't think it captures everything, but I now find it engaging, and it would make me want to investigate further.
A socially-awkward web programmer has an idea that gets her noticed by the wrong people, forcing her to stay a step ahead of them.

The Internet is a cocktail party. At least that's how Xochitl Green sees it, even though she's never been invited to one. In the abstract, how different are they? Friends chat, interaction implies trust, and everyone is connected. Want to meet someone new? Grab a wingman or two, get introduced, and see where things go.

Her idea is simple: take that interaction, that trust, and use it to keep everyone safe online. Make it simple and bulletproof, so that even computer-fearing grandmothers can use it. It's just a few weeks of coding, and it'll give her something to do with all the free time from not being invited to cocktail parties. Why not? Get it done, go on vacation, and chill out.

But online cliques and bouncers make things a little too difficult for Internet party crashers. They've got big plans, and want to return Xochitl's hospitality -- putting her on the run. But when all you know about the world is how it looks on your screen, what do you do? Where do you go? Who do you trust?
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