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Originally Posted by Rick Osborne View Post
Yep, this is a known bug with the author. I found myself in a bit of a Catch-22: I've never actually been to any of those places, and yet I needed to write convincingly about them. I erred on the side of too little, thinking that the more I put in the bigger chance I had of screwing up some detail and ripping some Edinburgh/Barcelona/Paris native out of the story.

I keep meaning to go back and flesh it out some more, but then half of my brain screams "you want to make it LONGER?".
I have no problem with long books. Maybe this is just giving you an excuse to travel?

So be brutally honest with me here: was there too much chain-yanking? Did you feel cheated? Did it seem like I kept pulling an Agatha Christie and just dropping randomness on your head? I tried to drop enough hints along the way to make it seem like you could figure it out, but still keep you guessing.
No - I thought it was perfect. There was just the right amount of suspense to keep me guessing, but it all tied together well - there was never a sense of you randomly dropping things in, everything had a purpose and integrated properly with all the other elements.

Yep, another known bug. This is going to sound so dumb, but would you believe that the summary is the hardest thing to write? Especially with, as you said, so many twists and turns and reveals. I've been working towards:

Better, yeah?
Hmm... Being brutally honest here, I don't like either summary. I'm not very good at writing overviews though, so it may just be me. I definitely agree about them being hard to write! Edit: I think my main issue with the new one is that it places Xochitl in a very social context, when she has always been a bit introverted and focused on her work - how many geeks daydream about cocktail parties (although I know you used this analogy in the novel)?

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to let me know what you think and especially what you saw as rough spots. It'll definitely help me improve the book!
No worries - thank you for making your work available, and good luck with finding a publisher .

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