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i saw the kindle on amazon and thought it sounded extremely cool but extremely over price! then my girlfriends uncle showed me his last thanksgiving and i thought it might be worth it. i did ton's of web searches for like products and for a short time considered getting the fictionwise ebookwise reader through ebay. then i saw the sony ereader's in borders the 505 and 700 and i LOVED the 700 touch screen it was just too cool for school, but i could see that the screen of the 505 was so much better....but the touch screen was bad ass....i was torn in two. i waited and saved up my money and researched more this is when i ran across mobile read (you all helped a lot) and found out about the glare thing of the 700 and considered if it mattered to me. eventually i had enough money and i made a final decision i went with the 505, but i still fantasize about the 700 i love the touch screen and it's superior elegance in design. i love my 505 and i don't think i'll look back but look forward to maybe an upgraded 700 that has a higher contrast and less glare. but we'll see what happens, i'm really liking the looks and idea behind the txtr reader. just having a few buttons on one side and just flipping it around is cool. and that's my story.
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