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Calibre convert Chinese PDF to EPUB well, but not TXT and HTML

I know this is my 2nd post regarding EPUB converting Chinese, I think posting another is easier to understand...

These 2 days I tried using Calibre 5.0 to convert Chinese books into EPUB format. It actually works well, but only on PDFs so far...
I did not do anything to my PRS505, just use the universal flasher flashed into Chinese fonts which work perfectly with Chinese LRF I made witt Calibre.

The steps I made the EPUB are all the same with making LRF, except a little extra:
1. Set output format to EPUB - of course.
2. After click“Convert Ebooks", In "Look&Feel" option, paste code below into“Override CSS”

@font-face { font-family:"Swis721 BT"; src:url(res:///Data/fonts/tt0003m_.ttf), url(res:///tt0003m_.ttf); }

body {
font-family: "Swis721 BT", serif;

The Chinese PDF(not fonts embeded) books are very nicely been converted to EPUB, but TXT and HTML were convert to EPUB with all "????". Any idea?
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