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Originally Posted by pilotbob View Post
So, the answer is, without doing ANY drm removal NO. Is "used" to be yes. But that required running KindleFIX. However, the mobipocket encryption servers no longer accept a Kindle PID.

However, you can still buy secure Mobi books at as long as you get the overdrive (OD) version. You will still have to run KindleFIX on it.

Now, kindle fix does NOT remove DRM. It just allows the mobibook to work on the Kindle. The mobi book is still encrypted using the Kindles PID which you can get with KindlePID scripts. See the Wiki Visual Kindle Guide for info on how to do all this.

That all said, if you are willing to remove DRM (it's really not that hard) you can buy the mobi secure ebook format at fictionwise or booksonboard (or others) and remove the DRM. Once the DRM is removed it will work fine on the kindle.

Ack, I wish I'd read this an hour ago before I paid $30 for a buywise membership, as I was hoping to use the Fictionwise lending library for my Kindle 2. Oh well, live and learn.
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