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Sometimes, and that is happening more and more lately (as was the case several days ago with version 0.5.0), it takes me 15 to 20 minutes to download the windows version... and until say, January?, those downloads were taking only 3 or 4 minutes...

I've just started downloading the 0.5.2 version at GT:16:00... let's see how it goes... it's telling me it'll take 11 minutes.... 7 minutes to go with 4,7MB downloaded, it says and it started 4 minutes ago... it's downloading around 50KB/s... 5 minutes to go with 10MB downloaded, Firefox says, and it all started 5 minutes ago... better wait some more before writing again.... oops, only 33KB/s now, only half file downloaded with 7 minutes taken already... a little faster again, almost 15MB downloaded... slowly again, oh my!, 25KB/s... I'm at work now, don't remember if the fastest downloads were at home, must try again later tonight ... ok, 10 minutes gone and only 17.6MB downloaded - it's going to be more than 15 minutes, I'm afraid... coming to 20MB at 13 minutes, it's saying only more 3 minutes, but I think I don't believe it anymore .... 15 minutes approaching, I think it'll be one of my worst times... ok, 15 minutes and 23.5MB... yep! finished with 16.14minutes... not the worst of all time, but on the Worst 10 List!!

Ok, that was a real download, guys! hope next one is better
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