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@tekchic: Thanks!

@dreadnought: One of the Borders I talked to seem to think it was some kind of history of Sony products: the "Sony Reader" as it were. Another wouldn't bother searching for me. Borders should train their sales people better. Sheesh!

I really should try to get some work done today, and stop trying to kick myself in the head (I'm not nearly flexible enough) for not ordering one the second I got the notice from the Sony online store...and to think I could be reading a friend's book on it right this second!

That's right--I was browsing the Connect store and was surprised to notice a book a friend of mine wrote was for sale there. I can't wait to show it to him! I'm sure he'll freak out.

By the way, just to keep this from going totally OT, I called Sony Style in the Beverly Center again today. They think Saturday, though that's not going to keep me from calling every morning.
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