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two kindle on same account.

I have my K1, and K2 is comming.
I'm going to sell my K1, but I couldn't live without my K1 anymore, it's just stuck on my hand like glue.
Maybe I'll sell my K1 after K2 came but I'm not sure.. maybe I'll sell my K2 or just keep K1 for spare reader.

However, I have a question.

When I buy a Kbook, I can choose which Kindle I'd like send wireless delivery.
*it's didn't come yet but I can see my K2 on my account.
Just ???? and ??? and Hana's 4th Kindle and my 1st.
I'm not sure which one is my K2....

so, there are a lot of Kbook backup in my documet folder from my computer.
It's from my K1. Does my K2 can read this? Or it is stuck with my K1's serial number and I need to re-download Kbooks from Amazon again ?

Of course two kindles on the same account and I read that, on the same account you can share Kbooks...

but that means two kindle can read same file ? ..a

well, I'd like to wait for answer

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