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Originally Posted by markbot View Post
For books past the copyright, people can upload the books and format it...add some links, etc...and charge $1. And make oodles of money! Seems like a great business plan. I for one, do not have time to figure out how to upload and correctly format one of those books. In any case, the time it would take to do it would be worth more to me than $1.

So MobileRead should think about about uploading all of its books onto Amazon.
You'd have to add enough value to it to dissuade people from just downloading the free public domain version of a given work. It would have to have superior formatting compared to the free one, and a linked TOC would be nice as well. Speaking for myself, though, I try not to pay for public domain works (I spend enough on new books!!!), so it would have to be a pretty compelling improvement.
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