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Would the iRex DR1000S not be equally suitable? It too is aimed squarely at business users and supports annotation of PDFs.
I suppose in the grand scheme of things.

Conversion is free; you only have to pay if you wish the converted document to be wirelessly sent to the Kindle.
That seems silly. The wireless is free - but none of the documents you download are - not even your own.

I think people are just excited about the plasticlogic because it's sexier, and making promises as if it were running for president.
I'm a design geek. And, it has an elegant design, and states that it can read most personal documents. Now whether the functionality is as good, I don't know. Kind of like politicians who are very eloquent, but might not have much going on upstairs.

(Note: That is not an attack; especially not directed at any politician in particular.)
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