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Experience with RSS Feeds

So far I've downloaded five of the feeds provided by CONNECT; I've only looked at three so far (Engadget, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker). I've had an OK experience reading them (usually have to bump up the text size by one).

My question is: is there anyway so far to get rid of the comments or (in the case of Engadget at the least) the annoying relisting of all the links after EACH article? What I mean by the last bit is that after reading a news posting about, say, the Sony Reader, it is followed by comments, then afterwards is followed by a breakdown of the articles on the feed (Sony HD Camcorder, MS Zune Player, Sling Slingbox Player, etc.), and then that is followed by outside links such as Engadget Japanese or Digg (?).

I think it's obviously a little redundant for the links and news articles to be listed after news post, especially since I don't know of a way that the Reader can select the links. Is it just something I have to hope Sony changes in the future? Having > 25% of 440 pages be the same thing is a little frustrating to flip past, not to mention another 25% of pages with comments that are not necessarily needed, not to mention the space they take up.
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